Monday, October 26, 2015

Alphabear: The Kawaii App for Word Nerds

Alphabear is genius. I love word games but most of the time the graphics are not appealing so I don't click on them often. Alphabears are so cute that I decided to play the game before I even knew what it was about. I am a sucker for adorable graphics and Alphabears look like domo teddy bears. If they ever sell blind pack figures I would totally try to collect them all. Way too cute!

What is Alphabear again? 

In the most basic terms, Alphabear is a word game in which you have to spell words with the letters provided. Each letter tile has a value like Scrabble but the values of each letter change. Alphabears occupy all spaces that are opened when you use the tile to spell a word. If a space adjacent to an alphabear becomes open then that bear will grow. The bigger the bear at the end of the round, the more points the bear is worth.

Every turn that you don't use a letter it goes down in value. Once a tile reaches 1 it will turn red and begin to wiggle. If you don't use it during that turn the tile loses its value and becomes a rock and the Alphabears cannot grow past it.

About the Bears

When you finish a game and reach enough point you unlock a new bear. There are so many adorable bears some with costumes on and some without. My favorite so far is the panda, because pandas are the best.

There are 95 bears total and you can level up each bear. Lots to unlock!


Each bear has a different time that they need to nap between rounds and it costs honey to play each game. When you run out of honey you can either wait for some more or but it with real cash. It is annoying but the app developers surely deserve to get paid and that is one way to earn $$$.

This timer is one of the more restricting ones that I have come across but the wait time is tolerable. There isn't much to do when you can't play rounds. It'd be fun to be able to upgrade the bears habitat or hangout space while they are napping. That would make me stick around a little longer.


Playaholic has a user guide for Alphabear which you can find here.

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Happy Apping!

<3 KM

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