Monday, September 14, 2015

A Gamer's Guide to Battling Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety can affect the best of us. Many people get anxious when performing in front of a crowd, others have a harder time meeting with people face to face. Those who have it really bad have a hard time leaving the house or even answering the door or phone.

Here are a few thoughts/mantras that have helped me battle SA throughout the years:
  • Life is a game. 
  • Every time you collaborate/connect with people there is an opportunity to level up IRL. 
  • Experiences add to your memory collection.
    • You can use these later to get ahead. 
  • Show yourself that you can triumph over fear. 
    • Btw you are so awesome that you have nothing to worry about! 
  • Be the person that you would want to adventure with.
    • Go out so that you can find people that you want to adventure with.
      • If you get rejected, just move on. Their loss! Your peeps are way better anyways. Make sure that you spend time with them. 
  • When getting ready to go out, dress as if you are ready to be photographed.
    • Pictures are the illustrations to our life stories.
    • Confidence is super attractive. 
  • Arrange your home so that it looks like a backdrop to a great story.
    • If you are down and not in the mood to clean get out into a nice place for awhile until you are re-energized. 
    • Focus on one room at a time if you have a lot to do. 
    • When it's ready you'll be more willing to invite people over. 
  • Plan trips to idyllic places with lots of opportunities for shenanigans. 
  • Remember - YOLO!
Public speaking is normal to me since I have performed in different ways throughout my life. However I have the hardest time answering the door if I feel like I don't have my game face on. I have been known to literally run away! I need to be prepared to see and talk to people.

There are certain times in my life when my SA got worse and other times when it was nearly non-existent. It took me awhile to feel like myself again after having my third child. Thankfully these little pick me ups along with a ton of support from those close to me have really helped me get over it. Life is a beautiful gift, make sure that you get out there and enjoy it while you can.

Hope that you all are having an exciting week! 

 & ♡ KM

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