Friday, September 4, 2015

Creepy Popsicles

When entering the last days of summer we have some decisions to make. What cooling treats will we eat? What should we wear before jackets adorn our arms? The answer to both is creepy popsicles! We must eat the kind of popsicles that stare back at us with tired eyes through dripping, pale blood.

A popsicle with a weapon attached - now we can fight vampires through the remaining humid nights. Just remember - it is a stake in your popsicle, not a steak, because that would be gross.

Everyone knows I am a sucker for anything implying atomic decay. Add in the green toxic sludge, and I am sold. I am sceming on how to make these for real. Maybe a key lime dreamsicle. 

This poor popsicle is coming back from the dead. He was left on the ground after being dropped and now he is seeking revenge. Will he survive the summer heat?

And last we have this cute little cyclops to serve you cold treats straight from her brain. I'm going to go outside and eat a pushpop while the sun is still shining it's evil rays. Enjoy the summer, while it lasts... Muhahaha!


  1. I had no idea that there were so many creepy popsicle type things. Got me thinking about Halloween, it's costume prep time!!

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