Friday, September 18, 2015

Sisters of the Black Moon

Sisters of the Black Moon is my new favorite online store. Too bad I will probably never have enough extra cash to spend there. Anyway, the items in this store  have a mystic, organic feeling to them. They have a comfortable simplicity that I want in my wardrobe. I am really into the idea of a tunic with thumb-holes. I may have to try and sew up a knockoff. 

The store has more then just clothes - they have jewelry, too. I don't usually see jewelry I like, unless it features bugs of spikes. I guess the rose thorns are a little spiky. It reminds me of Morticia Addam's penchant for removing the roses to admire the stems.

This is not the most practical ring. It probably catches on stuff and rubs funny on your finger, but it is beautiful. It is called "chasm," and reminds me of some volcanic planet engulfed in the magic of the ancients.

I've always wanted a hooded coat for those sharp winter winds and this one is in my favorite color! I think the drape of the hood says "coven member." Quite metaphysical!

The also have candles and various potions for beauty. I like the product design of the Good Night Dust. I'm totally going to start calling any sleeping aids I take "good night dust." To me it evokes the image of fairies sniffing moon flowers. 

You can find all of these and more at Sisters of the Black Moon.

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  1. That coat is amazing, I hope it comes in two colors so that we can each get a different one!