Friday, May 1, 2015


Spring is here are with it comes the rain. The wind rips apart umbrellas and "water resistant" coats are quickly soaked through. Gortex is expensive and has a fairly short lifespan, so what are you going to do? Check out PVC.

It is the only fabric that comes in clear! I think that is pretty nifty. I will never forget the first time I was walking down Sunset Boulevard and a saw a woman wearing a clear coat over her bra and underwear. I don't remember too many outfits for over 10 years without photo evidence. She may have been a hooker, but she was amazing, and I have wanted one of these coats ever since. 

I know some kids these days are forced to carry clear backpacks to school for security reasons, but I still think they look pretty cool. I almost bought one in a tiny regional airport once. I decided against it because I had too much to carry at the time. The next time I was back at that airport the store was completely gone. I mean, there was a cinder-block wall where it once was. I wonder if I imagined the whole thing. 

These boots are completely clear! I think they would make a nice outfit when paired with the clear raincoat. And you can show off your novelty socks. I would probably change the laces, though. I am really against beige. 

If you want to see more clothing utilizing PVC check out KM's post on Plastic Wear.

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  1. Wow. Forced to use clear bags? I mean... I guess kids shouldn't be bringing anything weird to school because school is meant for school, but that's just... ugh, especially for girls. I bring extra panties when I'm on my period, hahaha.

    But other than that, clear bags are fun (when not forced). Not really a fan of PVC clothes though, especially in Hawaii where it's HOT.

    1. This is MR's post but I think the clear backpacks are mostly for kids with a track record of bringing dangerous contraband to school and/or stealing things so your probably safe. I used to live on Kauai, so I totally understand avoiding PVC in HI! The rain is much colder and stronger in Portland so I it's all about raincoats and rubber boots over here.

    2. Yeah. I don't remember where I read the thing about the kids - I think it was for all kids in neighborhoods with high youth violence.
      I think you could probably have a bag inside the bag to hide your unmentionables. I don't think I've worn PVC since I was a kid, so I don't remember how hot it was... I do remember it being sticky, though.