Friday, June 23, 2017

Finally, the perfect pencil sharpener! #CarlAngel5

I have been through a variety of pencil sharpeners personally and professionally. Each time they break I heartbroken due to the wasted money and wasted materials that will most likely end up in the landfill. I finally found the durable sharpener of my dreams, and its name is Carl!

How much is the Carl Angel 5? 

I paid just under $17 with free shipping on Amazon

How sharp do the pencil tips get? 

This sharp!!!

Can I sharpen colored pencils in the Carl? 

The Carl Angel 5 Sharpener sharpens colored pencils with ease to a precision point; however I feel as though they waste color so I stop halfway. If you are using an expensive set of colored pencils I recommend an art specific hand sharpener so you have more visual control. The Prismacolor scholar is my favorite affordable option, which is currently its selling for $1.59 on Amazon! 

Fully sharpened vs. halfway

What happens if a tip gets stuck in the barrel? 

The handle of the machine is attached to the barrel. If you loosen the handle the barrel will pop out and you can easily expel the broken tip like so: 

Anything else special about the Carl? 

In addition to being extremely functional the Carl pencil sharpener looks adorable anywhere you set it. It comes with an optional table clip. This is totally optional because the Carl has a built in function that holds the pencil in place and applies pressure while you crank. This makes the sharpener very portable and practical. It is even available in the adorable birdhouse version!

Happy sharpening! 

<3 KM 

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