Tuesday, November 25, 2014

And now for something completely different - My Favorite Sponges!

Sponges might not sound like an exciting topic, but these sponges seriously make my day! After lots of trial and error I have finally found the one - Lysol Multi Purpose Durable Scrub Sponges. I <3 them so!

Amazon.com - Lysol Multi-Purpose Durable Scrub Sponges, 4-Pack - Cleaning Sponges

I have had major issues with sponges in the past. I would go through them quickly because either the texture would bother me, or they would start to smell weird. I tried putting them in the microwave and the dishwasher as suggested but they would still bother me. Replacing sponges so often got to be expensive and super irritating. Thankfully I discovered the Lysol brand a few years ago and they are still my favorite by far. Absolutely no stank. 

The goopy feel of traditional wet sponges makes me cringe. Some of them feel that way straight out of the package. These Lysol sponges are not goopy at all, even when they are old! I have had one for quite awhile now and it still doesn't smell at all. I am finally buying more because 1. it looks a bit stained 2. it's my last one and 3. I think I should replace it just in case. It has survived the dishwasher and countless cleanings. If there was ever a world ending crisis of some sort, I would surely attempt to bring these sponges with me lol. 

Why do I love these sponges so? Let me count the ways...
  • The soap washes out of the fibers easily
  • They clean just as well as any other sponge
    • Maybe even better since it wont leave stink sponge smell behind
  • The scrubby side works without deteriorating much
  • They are antibacterial
  • They feel better 
  • They smell better
  • They are just better
Any downsides? 

These sponges tend to cost a bit more than others in many stores although they are pretty affordable at Walmart and Amazon - only $2.97 for a 4 pack which comes out to 74 cents a sponge. Some people don't like the fact that they contain antimicrobial agents, however they have never given my family a problem. Also, many sponges have antimicrobial sponges to begin with and I think it's a good thing when you have to clean up extra yucky messes. 

I've heard that it can be harmful to try to kill all of the germs in your house by overdoing it with antibac sprays and Purell, however we use mostly natural products. In our case I think a little antimicrobial action is a good thing.

Hope that you are having a great start to your Thanksgiving week! We sure are busy making sure everything is ready :).

<3 KM

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  1. Ugh. I hate sponges, too. Maybe I'll have to try these. I always try to get Chore Boy Golden Fleece cloths, since they are just the scrubbie with no sponge.