Friday, November 21, 2014

Fashion Don't: Condom Beanie

I'm fine with leggings as pants and Uggs. They don't seem that heinous to me. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I hated a trend. But I have finally found one I think is utterly ridiculous: the condom beanie. There are many ways to wear a beanie. Why are people suddenly resorting to this option?

So many people in my neighborhood have been wearing these things the past month. This trend seems to have started on the coasts a few years ago, but I was blissfully unaware of its existence until now. I do not understand it. Do people really want to look like they have a condom on their head? Or do they just not realize?

I mean seriously. Look at this hat from It is actually supposed to look like a condom. Look at the beanie above. Striking resemblance, right? I am not sure whether to cringe or laugh when people rock this bizarre fashion...


  1. I have this beanie, but it's not look so long, as on the pic, so i think it looks nice, at least, for me.

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    1. If it just sticks up a little, then it doesn't look as much like a condom, so I think you're probably fine. Basically if the top is large enough to be folded over then it shouldn't stick straight up.
      I don't like entering online contests for privacy reasons, but thank you for the opportunity.

    2. As an after thought I bet these would make great beanies for the Coneheads lol.

  2. I am sure that yours is much cuter! I think that it totally depends on how you style them.

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