Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" - Mindy Kaling book review

"Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)" is an autobiographical collage containing stories and thoughts from the funniest girl on the Office, who also happens to be the star and creator of the Mindy Project. In this book Mindy Kaling babbles about universally relatable girl issues such as crushes, dieting, friendships and the path to self discovery.

This book is so well loved that the cover won't sit flat :P.
My hubby and I are long time fans of the Office so we were both introduced to Mindy as Kelly Kapoor. I loved watching Kelly and Ryan's tumultuous romance throughout the series and it became even cooler when I found out that they were both co-authors of the Office. Bouncing back and forth from behind the scene to in front of the camera takes a ton of talent. Mindy is a true inspiration.

In the spirit of Mindy's book I am going to summarize my overall opinions with a pliest (piece of writing that has a list quality - pg 3). 

Things I Love About This Book:
  • It is so easy to read that it is hard to put it down! 
  • Mindy has strong values "Someone Explain One-Night Stands To Me", "Roasts Are Terrible"
  • She is a positive role model for all that have a dream
  • She is super funny
Favorite Chapters: 
  • I Love Irish Exits
  • How I Write (just like me :P)
  • Best Friends Rights and Responsibilities
  • Day Jobs
Biographical facts that surprised me:
  • Mindy's mom is actually an OBGYN just like Mindy's character in the Mindy project.
  • Mat & Ben, a play that Mindy and her roommate Brenda Withers wrote when they were 21, is the initial catalyst to Mindy's fame. 
  • Mindy was a babysitter for some time in New York and she also work for a TV psychic at one point. 
A Few Things That Bothered Me:
  • Although Mindy is at peace with her body she still seems quite self conscious. Her first chapter is even called, "Chubby for Life (pg 11-20)." Basically Mindy says that she wishes she was skinnier but has too many other things that she would rather do than perfect her body. I know that it is a very sensitive subject but it would be nice if she was able to celebrate her body at all stages instead of making fun of herself.  
  • Some things that she says seem a bit sexist. For example, there is one point where she talks about how all men take forever to put their shoes on. I'm sure that it's very common, I just have an issue with lumping all men into one category. This kind of thinking can make people feel like a freak if they don't abide by that rule.  We are all different! 
  • Classism. In one part Mindy talks about how all guys should be able to purchase at least one pair of Converse every year. She says that if they can't afford this that there is something wrong with their life and they seriously need to rethink things. I don't think that this is true. There are some wonderful men in this world who wouldn't even consider buying themselves a brand new pair of Converse every year because they put other people's needs, or the needs of Mother Earth, above their own. 
Overall, I love this book and I am glad that it exists. If you are a fan of Kaling's then this will be an easy and welcomed read for you. 

Wishing you lots of love, beautiful days and perhaps some time to curl up with a good book! 

<3 KM

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