Friday, March 27, 2015

Travel Songs

I love traveling. I feel weird and listless if I don't have a trip planned. I feel better when I know I'm going somewhere new, even if it's in the distant future. This song above is my favorite for take-off. One time we took off in a thunderstorm and I put this song on. Pure euphoria. It is a space-stoner-rock song that makes  me feel like my plane is a rocket ship! 

This song is a good melancholy one for packing, jet-lag, and missing people left at home. I can never quite understand the first part of the chorus. If you can figure it out, tell me. I think it might really be a break-up song, but I think it is much better for travel.  It is sorta post-grunge-rock. It's live, so it's not the cleanest version.

This one is more about a specific destination, but it is always fun to listen to. I swear it makes your eyes focus on the strange things waiting to be look at in new places. If you enjoy folky stuff with some humor, you will like this one.

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