Monday, June 1, 2015

The Majestic Major Lazer - 7 Favorite Songs

I've been on a Major Lazer binge lately, just can't get enough. The beats are always on point and the lyrics are solid. Major Lazer's sounds span a variety of genres, most commonly they feature a fusion of reggae and EDM. Perfect dance party music.

Major Lazer's videos are pretty awesome too. Some parts can be a bit risque; twerking seems to be a requirement for Major Lazer video. I find that it is still milder than most and love how they tell a story in addition to showcasing awesome dance moves.

I could listen to this song over and over again. One of my favorite things about Major Lazer is that their songs are so different from each other because they often feature different artists. I have never heard of the Dirty Projectors before but I had to look them up after hearing Amber on this track. Love her voice!

Warning: this video will probably give you wanderlust. I totally want to go to India now, the architecture is gorgeous and I love the bright colors. You can even learn how to dance to this song directly from the choreographer in this dance tutorial featured on Major Lazer's Youtube channel.

This video might be my favorite because I can totally relate to it's dorkiness. My brother and I have seriously had sword battles like this before except for not so choreographed and a bit more attack like lol. The house reminds me of my grandma and grandpa's home. The song rocks too, total battle music.

This is yet another case for wanderlust. Can't travel back to the 90's but I bet Jamaica is still just as dope. Everyone's just so good at dancing in this video, even the little ones! Seriously good material for my dance goals. Love the outfits too, I'm all about the neon.

Ukulele meets EDM in Sound Bang. It totally reminds me of living in Hawaii. Good vibes.


There isn't an official video for this song but it is so dope. There are lots of ridiculously awesome dance videos out there for this song. I really like this one by Ke'Aira Roberson.

Being a huge fan of Santigold, I really wish there was an official video for this song. This was one of the first Major Lazer songs that I remember listening too and it is still as good as ever.

 & ♡ KM

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