Friday, June 19, 2015

EBM: Electronic Body Music

I've been trying to work out more since I found out my cardio seriously sucks on a hike in Feburary. I've been doing some HIIT on a stationary bike since then. It took me a while to find the right kind of music to make the exertion tolerable. I tried my old trick of listening to Pimsleur language tapes, but it really only works with less intense exercise. I tried watching some anime, but I couldn't read the subtitles while my eyes were bouncing around. I tried some rock and some new-fangled dance music, but those just made me slow and irritated. Then I found the perfect mix of dance beats, cheesiness, and driving anger: EBM.

Don't get this confused with EDM, kids. It's a goth version of dance music that began in the 80's. It has a few sub-genres like future-pop, which I think are quite enjoyable. I drives me forward in my workouts with the fear of being chased by drugged-out, dystopian, cyborgs. I love it.

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