Friday, September 20, 2013

Cargo Pants I Can't Have

I love cargo pants so much. They have so many pockets. And they usually come in the favorite colors: greens, browns, grays, and black. 
These pants appear to be sold here, although I think this site is a scam. Someone want to test it for me? I can't seem to find these pants anywhere else outside of China.

This pair come from Aliexpress, but I don't think I am going to start ordering from there... I don't really understand how it works and have never heard of anyone getting anything from there. Tell me if you have. So, maybe one day, but not today...

Oh man... so many seams and pockets. I love that they are distressed in a believable way, too. I might as well stop looking at pants because I found the perfect pair. Oh wait, I can't because they are over a thousand dollars! Look here and weep.


  1. That last pair is awesome, looks like they came straight out of a movie or something. I have actually ordered from AliExpress before and most of the stores with good ratings are okay, as long as you don't mind waiting like 2 months to get your things! I haven't ordered clothes from them though, mostly accessories and some craft supplies. I have had 2 small items that didn't make it to me but I opened a complaint case and got my money back. You also have to read the descriptions and dimensions really carefully because the sizes of things can be bigger or smaller than they appear. I haven't tried the first one though!

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