Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beauty Favorites

I love it when I find new beauty items that I just can't live without. I really do feel like I have found the holy grail with some of these.
Folding Tweezerman ilashcomb

I have been through many, many eyelash combs in my life and they always seem to get broken bristles relatively quickly. This little miracle has gold plated bristles that are very secure so that is never a problem! The comb's teeth are also very fine so they are able to gently separate lashes easier than other combs and the teeth are easy to clean because they are metal. I have only had this for a few days but I am already in love! Just don't use this while the car is moving - it looks like it could do some damage.

Essence gel eyeliner

This eyeliner gel is only $3.99 and it is my favorite eyeliner hands down. I have very sensitive eyes so I tear up a lot and I live in a humid climate so I need eyeliner that stays put in those conditions. This one will streak a bit if I rub my eyes but I have tried many more expensive brands of cream and pencil eyeliner and this is the best I've found yet. I still use a pencil to line my waterline but I prefer cream liner for the top lid because I find it much easier to create the shape I want.  

I find that I can get my eyeliner to be even more smudge proof if I pat a dark shadow over it after it sets. Its still not indelible but it is lovely. If you don't believe me, check out its reviews at Makeupalley
This is the brush I use to apply my gel liner. I don't recommend it for applying powder liner but I always use it for gel or cream and it is great for those purposes! This brush allows you to make a thin line that you can easily build up. I find that it is really easy to create a nice point since it is so thin. 
I really wish I would have tried this product sooner! I use it for all sorts of reasons. I use it to prime/ and moisturize my face and it works great for dry patches. I also use it so smooth my hands and body as well. This is very moisturizing and it has no fragrance which I love because I am very sensitive to fragrances. It seems like this product works well for some but not for others but I love it. When I need something even more emollient for my hands I use CeraVe moisturizing cream. I tried using that on my face and it was too much for me because it started pilling underneath my makeup but some people even use that one for their face. I use both every day.

Couleur Caramel Mascara

This product is truly my HG mascara. It is kind of pricey but every time I run out I try other mascaras that I have on hand and none of them trump this one. This mascara covers all of my lashes in one coat and it applies evenly with very little clumps, if any. Plus it is more natural than the majority of mascaras out there which doesn't irritate my eyes as much. 

When the tube is new I find that I need to scrape extra product off into the tube to get the right amount of mascara on the wand but it is worth it to me because I like the formula so much. I also seem to lose less eyelashes when I use it because it comes off gently even though it stays well. I normally buy the Brown color in Cils Long but I would like to try the other colors when I have the budget! 

Thanks for tuning in! 

<3 KM


  1. I didn't even know eyelash combs existed, let alone gold plated ones! What is such a device for and how do you use it?

    1. It's made to comb through lashes after you apply mascara to take out lumps and separate lashes which makes them more natural and flexible. It can also help lift lashes a bit if you comb upwards and hold them there, kind of like curling them. I do this because I have very straight lashes and I only curl them when I have extra time. <3 it!