Friday, September 13, 2013

Infinitely Black-Hearted

Happy Friday the 13th! 
I made this dress. This is just one of the many ways it can be worn because it is an infinity dress. I love it - it is Ancient Greek, 1920s, and modern all at the same time. With it I am wearing a broken, heart-shaped mood necklace. I think I got it at Clair's in middle school. It turned black at some point in high school. I guess my teenage moods were just too much for it (in reality I think I just went swimming with it on too many times). The shoes are my silver Mephistos. They remind me of something that would be worn in a 1970s Sci-Fi film like Logan's Run or something.

Here is a pretty good tutorial on how to make this kind of dress. I did it a little different. I cut the fabric in an oval instead of a circle for the skirt and made the waist-band so it can flip up to provide more coverage.  It's super easy to make. It's also known as the one seam dress, but I did it with three. 

The fabric is a little see-through. Oops! I've been meaning to get some more fabric to line it with. I'll just be daring in the meantime (and maybe wear some boy-shorts underneath).

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  1. You made that dress? You did a pretty rockin' job!