Monday, October 21, 2013

In Love with.... Barsuk Records

Yesterday I stumbled upon Barsuk Record's video channel in Youtube when I found this song "Don't Move" from the band Phantogram. The band and the label are both new to me although the video came out in November 2012. After the video finished playing I listened to the next song from their channel, and another and another... and I liked them all!

According to Wikipedia, "Barsuk Records (/bɑrˈsk/ bar-SOOK) is an independent record label based in Seattle, Washington, started and still managed by the members of the band This Busy Monster." I think that the most popular band that they signed is Death Cab for Cutie but I have loved listening to all of their other bands.

If you like Indie music, and/ or if other people consider you to be a bit "hipster" I think you would like their music but you may have already discovered them :P. In my opinion they have pretty good taste and everything I have listened to from them has had interesting lyrics and melodies. Also, none of it was distasteful, I don't need to cover my kids ear's when listening to their channel.

Check out their Youtube Channel
Their website

<3 KM


  1. Thanks for postimg this. I was feeling kinda down today and it made me feel a little better.

    1. Aw, thanks M. Hope you feel better soon. I think there must be something in the air cuz I have been a tad moody lately :P. Thank goodness for music!