Friday, October 25, 2013

Wedding Digs??

I never know what to wear to weddings. Not that I've been to very many, but as long as the food is good, right? So there's this wedding I have to go to early next year and I have months to prepare this time. Here is my idea:

Sculpture Dress

Mirrored Shoes

Is it totally over the top? I mean everyone's supposed to be looking at the bride, not me. And they're too expensive, obviously, but I was thinking of DIYing it (do people really buy four-thousand dollar shoes?). 

I'm so bad at this... where do you recommend wearing an outfit as cool as this and what the hell do you wear to a wedding? 


  1. This outfit would be perfect for a fancy art show or a trendy club. Something that requires champagne :). I think that what you should wear to a wedding really depends on the couple. This could work if the couple is forward thinking and a bit over the top. If not they might be like wtf at first but then I'm sure it would be a great conversation starter. <3 it!

    1. Yeah. Found out that it's casual dress code, too, so on to new ideas! I still wanna make this stuff, though. Might work for New Years, right?

    2. This would be so hot for New Years!