Friday, October 18, 2013

Vertical and Horizontal

I've had these jeans since I was 18. They have a part that has worn through from my keys in the pocket. They have a hole where I dropped some super-glue and it somehow ate the denim away. And I ripped out the butt. It just wore away and what is left is super soft. I patched them with another pair of jeans that fell apart. They have paint all over them from when I used to build theater sets. They used to be a fairly dark wash. And they're Diesel .. or maybe a knock-off. I got them at a consignment store, so I'm not sure. 

The shirt is from Express. I really like the shape of the sleeves.

This is my favorite pair of boots. They are La Canadienne. I got them for eight dollars! They were my best find ever. I had been coveting them for months and then they appeared. The leather is so soft, and although they seemed a little tight at first they conformed perfectly to my feet. When my mom saw them she said I was wearing her grandmother's shoes. Hahaha... and here I was thinking they were military style. 

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