Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Aloha Wear I Actually Like

When you come to Hawai'i you see an awful lot of aloha wear, or Hawaiian print clothing featuring things like hibiscus, sea creatures or even surf boards. Some of it is actually kind of nice while others are just awful.

Lately it seems that hibiscus print has gotten trendier and trendier outside of Hawai'i. I tripped out when I saw this silk Boutique blouse from Topshop. It's kind of ugly, but I love it so much when paired with all these goodies.

Aloha Wear I Like

I really think that I need these sunglasses and shoes, as usual. I also love that the chain bangle is encapsulated in resin. No tarnishing!

The lipstick is MAC Saint Germain. It is such a pretty bubblegum pink/ purple color. Urban Decay's Lovechild would also be nice and it's not quite as white based if you try to avoid that. I love white based lip colors but they can look a bit chalky sometimes.

Aloha Lovelies!

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