Friday, September 19, 2014

A Goodbye in the Fabric

Photo by AB
This is this dress's last hurrah. I have never gotten as many compliments on a single item of clothing. It has small spots and small tears throughout from all of the use it has seen. It has been my go to party dress and hot-summer-day dress for five years. 

Photo by AB
I got it in a small shop in Asheville. I've been back to this shop a few times and they have had the same Gilli dress in different colors, but never this color again. And none of the other colors ever seem to work. Pale pink looks awful on me. I tried. Anyway, no color looks as good against storm-clouds as chartreuse. 

This is also my last goodbye to this large pin oak. It was put down due to rotting that may or may not have caused structural damage to the upper limbs. People should never plant trees that grow this tall next to their house... it is just too sad when the inevitable has to happen. 

I hope my dress and the tree can find new life in something else. I guess I'll probably still wear the dress as a kick-around dress, but it will never be a nice dinner dress again. I hope the tree gets carved into pretty things or is at least used as mulch and firewood.

 The momento mori picture of the beautiful tree. Its sibling still stands strong!


  1. Aww, love that dress - the color is so nice on you! Glad that you got to say goodbye to the tree and got some awesome pics in the process~ <3 u!

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