Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pro- Underboob Sweat

I have come across a bunch of articles online lately talking about how horrible boob sweat is. It might be a bit hippy-dippy of me, but I don't really have a problem with it. In fact, I sometimes think of it as a badge of honor for how hard I've been working in the hot sun. I feel proud of my damn boob sweat. I earned this moisture! 

I don't think boob sweat is as gross as crotch sweat or even underarm sweat.  I've never had a problem with boob sweat smelling. Maybe I'm just lucky. Sweating buckets can make me feel cleansed like I went to a sauna or something. It also sorta makes me look like I'm wearing a cool bustier.

I guess boob sweat is an accessory you can only wear proudly while doing something like yard work or working out. I don't think I would rock boob sweat at a party or anything. If I was invited to a hot and humid dance party I would wear something more lose to let the air dry it faster. Actually, I probably wouldn't go to a hot and humid dance party at all, because that sounds like torture. I do like having the escape of a nice, cool shower after my titties sweat like crazy.

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