Friday, December 26, 2014

Cold Songs

I have a thing for weather related songs, and since it's winter I will share with you the two songs that get stuck in my head whenever I am taking a long walk in the winter.

This is the theme song to a British TV show. It's a pretty cool show, if you like comedy-science fiction.  It is almost annoying how often this song pops into my head when I feel my fingers go numb.

This song is not really about winter, but it uses winter as such a pretty metaphor. It is my happy blizzard song. I love jumping into drifts while mumbling this song to myself. I'm sure it makes me look like a complete crack-head, but I don't care. 

And that's it. The two songs that make me enjoy the cold. Do you have a favorite song about cold or winter? Tell me! I'm always on the lookout for cool songs.

Also, free tip on staying warm: silk base-layers. I have leggings, a shirt, and glove liners.  When the days are right around freezing they allow me to rock a hoodie instead of a coat!

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