Friday, December 12, 2014

DIY Beer Can Herb Pot

 I wanted to bring my basil in for the winter, but none of the containers I had fit on my kitchen windowsill. No place near me sells Thai basil and I find it quite hard to live without it. This is not the classiest DIY herb pot, but it works and is easy to make. I think I deserve bonus points because I make the whole think with my pocket knife!

First wash out the beer can and cut the top off.

Then crimp down the top edge with some pliers so it isn't sharp.

 Take a awl or anything sharp and pointy and poke some drainage holes in the bottom

Put some rocks in the bottom to promote drainage. Then add your plant and soil. 

This is my beer can basil that has been indoors for almost 3 months. 

I like the art on my can, but if you don't want it to look so much like a beer can you can glue some fabric on it or paint it to make it classier. 


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