Friday, December 19, 2014

Inexpensive Prescription Eyeglasses

Prescription glasses can be so expensive. I need glasses to see in the distance...  that distance being about a foot from my face. I don't like to wear contacts every day because my eyes get itchy sometimes. Also, I am forgetful, and that doesn't go well with contacts or expensive glasses.

I was so happy when I found Zenni Optical. Almost all their glasses are under $30. Some are as low as $6.95 like these cat eye ones below. 

I have been getting all my glasses from this store for more than five years. Some styles are more durable than others. Check the onsite reviews to tell which are most likely to survive being dropped or slept on. 

These are my glasses that I ordered almost 3 years ago. I think this may be my longest surviving pair of glasses ever. I might be becoming slightly less destructive with age, but I also believe that these glasses are pretty good quality. There was some black paint on the front that has scratched off, but everything else has held up well

These $12.95 wayfarers have cute little stars. They have tons of styles of wayfarers there and you can even order them as prescription sunglasses. 

For some reason these remind me of the glasses KM used to wear when she was really little. I think they are super cute. They are $19.00

These epic eyepieces are $27.95. I've never bought glasses this "expensive" from Zenni before, but I love them. Next time I go to the optometrist I am gonna order theses. 


  1. <3 those rose colored glasses, might have to snag a pair!

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