Friday, January 2, 2015

Tiny Everyday Earrings

Even though my ears have been pierced for over 15 years and I tried to stretch them in high-school my holes try to close on me if I don't wear earrings for a bit. I like my everyday earrings small so I can sleep in them. The fish skeleton earrings my man got me are my favorite. I love dead fish jewelry! They have tarnished a bit, proving that they really are silver. I find that super cool for such a low price. 

You can get these fishy studs here.

I didn't know my ears had so much hair on them! 

These are no longer in stock, but I would trust other products from this company/seller. The black paint has worn off a little on the back. And one popped off in bed once and I didn't find it for a few months. I'm glad to have it back, though, because these studs are so comfy.

I also found these earrings super cool. I'm glad studs come in more styles than just little balls. Check out these nifty shapes of silver earrings.
Beetles! I love all insects in the Coleptera family... except when they are keeping me awake bouncing off my ceiling. They are found here.

These are called mice, but I know they are really rats. Rats are the best. I really miss my pet rats.

Tentacles are the coolest appendages. I also enjoy the spirals. Brings a bit of class to these studs.

Have you ever seen a UFO? I have not. But I do want to believe! These elusive sky shapes are found here.

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