Friday, August 21, 2015

Beach Day Lay Ons

I went to the air show last weekend and realized there was something I didn't have: something to keep the sand off my bum. So, in this week's episode, I show you the amazing, the invincible beach towel. Okay, it's not that exciting.

But jet fighters flying right over your head is pretty great. Totally worth the minor sun burn I got. Maybe I should be looking at umbrellas, too...


A towel with one day in mind: the air show. I guess it might be a fun towel to take on vacation, but who really wants  a towel taking up valuable luggage space?
I enjoy this one. I had my eye glued to my viewfinder for almost half of the show, so I think it is quite apt. And I like anything that has a creepy vibe that says "don't talk to me."

Fuzzy Intestines 
Probably a little too fuzzy for the beach. I mean, who wants sand embedded in their nice, soft intestine blanket. We aren't birds, people! Well, maybe the people in the planes are human-birds, but they probably don't want sand in their intestines, either.

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