Friday, August 14, 2015

Dye Dye Dye!

I have been wishing I could dye all my clothes black lately. I know this is a bad idea, because I do really like green and purple, but the urge it still there. The good thing is that it reminded me of the journey I took with natural dying some silk scraps last year. I forgot to post anything about it, and now my memory is fuzzy. I won't wait for my memories to get any hazier, so without further mumbles:  

This was my first attempt. I don't think I used any mordant. Maybe salt or vinegar? Anyway, the one on the left is strawberries. It faded within a couple of months to a yellow-y color. The one on the right is some sort of weed - wait! I found my notes. It's lady's thumb. Not a very nice color, but it was pretty stable.

Okay. Let's do this starting top left is walnut leaves, plus iron, I think. Center top is plain walnut leaves, and next to it I think I have ground ivy.
The three in the center row are red cabbage: with vinegar, by itself, and with baking soda. I was really hoping the baking soda would turn out green, but it obviously didn't. 
I think the next row is: blackberry leaves with copper, moss, and who knows? Maybe turmeric or mullein - I think probably plain blackberry leaves.
I used alum is a mordant with all of these.

This one is just plain copper.

And this one is Boston Ivy berries.

This is Boston Ivy with a pH change (I don't remember which way).

I have in my notes that rosemary didn't work. 

Now looking at all the pretty colors I want to experiment more! 

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