Friday, November 27, 2015

Forensic Turkey Files

This post is a bit of a downer. So if you are having a lovely day, you might want to skip this one. 

I try to buy nice, small, free range turkeys most years. This year I was a bit late on my planning and my grocery delivery service brought me a butterball because they were all out of nice turkeys. I was ahead of the game last night and made my turkey stock while I did dishes. I dug through the bones and veggies trying to find the wishbone. I found it, but it was broken. I didn't remember mashing the carcass badly enough to break it in the pot.

I looked closer and could see that I did not inflict the abuse. This turkey had had a bad life. The turkey's collar bone had been broken and badly healed, judging by the reddened and lumpy bone that over-lapped oddly. 

I inspected a few more bones and found a vertebrae with one of the vertebral arches pulverized. I don't know if this happened during the turkeys final days, processing, or if it is the mark of some sort of disease. I looked at some other vertebrae and the broken one did look a little darker, so I'm guessing that points to a antemortem trauma.  

These findings made me very sad. I hate factory farms. Take care of your animals, even if you are going to slaughter them later. I think I might want to bring back my short-lived vegetarianism. 


  1. So sad that this poor bird had a painful life! We are seriously on the same wavelength here. I haven't been able to eat meat again since cooking my Trader Joe's turkey. I imagined cooking a whole pig or a whole cow like that and almost got sick. I ate mushrooms instead since I couldn't stomach turkey. Nom! No soy this time though. I think that's what made my body all whack after all those year of veg.

  2. Poor baby. Thanksgiving is really messed up to begin with though. But it can still definitely be tasty without the turkey!