Saturday, November 21, 2015

Post Apocalyptic Thanksgiving

Otherwise known as Thanksgiving in a can.
Are you locked in your bomb shelter after the big one? Are you stocking such a shelter for the big one? Are you just feeling really lazy and unenthusiastic about Thanksgiving? Well, have I got the products for you. 

This can has a 10+ years of shelf-life.  It is big enough to share with your bunker-mates or new-found zombie friends. And it comes with broth - perfect for constructing gravy with a little flour.  There is also the option of packet gravy. Oh, the choices in the end of days.

These are actually not bad as far as dried mashed potatoes go. Smothered in gravy you might not even be able to tell the difference.
Add some boxed stuffing and don't forget cranberry sauce.
 Chose any veggies in your arsenal to complete the meal, but may I suggest the fava - I mean lima beans to add a little green to your plate.

You need a desert, and while pie crusts may be in short supply, you can always just attack the can with a spoon. Pretend it is pumpkin pudding.

Feeling depressed about the destruction of humanity? This is an option for the seriously down and out. Of course, you could always just give Dog Meat as a special treat instead.

Or if you are feeling to overwhelmed with RADs you can buy the simple option, but be aware that it doesn't include the pie-in-a-can.

And for bonus points, the perfect Thanksgiving condiment. Put a glob on everything!

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  1. Haha, well hopefully I have enough money to have fresh ingredients, but this post is entertaining. I hope all of us survive this post-apocalyptic Thanksgiving.