Friday, November 6, 2015

Louise Hat

I made a hat like Louise's from Bob's Burgers for Halloween. I love Louise and her evil plans. She is my favorite cartoon character right now, which is saying a lot because I really like cartoons.
Unfortunately, I did not make it out this year, so I will have to think of something else fun to do with my bunny-ear hat. 

I made the hat out of pink flannel and used wire to make the ears stand up. I also added a couple of wig clips so it wouldn't fall off.
It also reminds me of Gummo, so that's a plus - maybe a 2 in 1 costume piece?


  1. Omg M this is genius, so cute and hilarious! Kristen Schaal always cracks me up.

    1. I also loved her in Wilfred, but not so much in Last Man on Earth, but that may have been the point...

    2. OMG Last Man on Earth is my favorite show right now - it's so stupid haha. I love how her character bedazzles everything but she was so manipulative at first that it was kind of scary.You must marry me!!! lol.

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