Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Last Man On Earth - Officially My Favorite

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Does anyone else want to talk about the fall finale of Last Man On Earth?

Background Rant 

Last Man on Earth has quickly become my favorite current show.  Dark comedies are one of my main genres and this show fits right in. I seriously worry about the apocalypse, with all of the global warming going on, so realistic post-apocalyptic scenarios grab my attention quickly. I think zombies are ludicrous so I really appreciate the fact that this show has no zombies. They are just gross and hopeless.

Everyone on the show is legitimately insane because they have seen all of their loved ones die, and have lived in isolation for years. The fact that they are able to find each other and rebuild some semblance of community restores all hope in humanity. Now that the characters are done partying off their pain they need to figure out if they are going to develop the life skills needed to survive, or if they are just going to continue to party 'till humanity is dead.


I have no news for you but if you haven't watched the show yet you might want to stop right now.

Who dies? 

The Season 2 Fall finale ends with an intense dramatic sequence. The lives of two characters hang in the balance. Will Phil 2 survive his appendectomy? Will Tandy's brother survive the fall to Earth?

Phil 2?

I think that Phil 2 will die. His blood pressure dropped drastically during surgery, and Gail didn't really know what she was doing. This situation could easily happen during the apocalypse. I've heard of preppers collecting surgical supplies, but it is a whole different thing to actually perform surgery. Sadly I do think that Phil 2 will bleed to death.

In real life Boris Kodjoe, Phil 2, may be getting ready to launch a talk show with his wife which is called Borris & Nicole. I watched the Summer 2015 pilot on Youtube and it is adorable. I don't watch talk shows often but I hope that it is successful because they are too cute. This may be one of the reasons for his exit from the show.

Tandy's Brother?

I really hope that Jason Sudeikis, Tandy's brother, gets introduced to the show full time. I think he will survive the crash to earth. My biggest concern is whether or not he is actually immune to the virus. It would stink if he fell to earth and survived the crash but died later on. Since his brother is immune I guess there is a chance that he is immune too, though immunity seems to be random since everyone else lost all of their loved ones. Sudeikis was great in the premier that I got to attend a few months ago. So real.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

<3 KM

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