Friday, December 4, 2015

The Black T-Shirt Dress

Forever 21
I am in the mood for some really soft and comfortable clothes that don't look too sloppy.  This one seems a little to short to be truly comfortable, but it is really inexpensive. 

It's like a sleep shirt you can wear outside without the side effect of embarrassment. I am liking that this has a little bit longer sleeves.

 While I do prefer the classic simplicity of the other two, this one makes me smile. I am drawn to it like a poor bovine to a an alien tractor beam. There are a couple other prints that are pretty cool, too.

I have an old, black bed-sheet that I am going to use to make some of these. It is a nice modal jersey. So soft. I will have to work around a couple holes, though.


  1. I love simple clothes that you can just throw on whenever! The first two dresses are especially cute.

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