Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's Orchid Time at Trader Joe's!!!

One of my favorite things about Spring is the abundant plant life. Gardening doesn't come easy to me. I've tried so many times but I am more of an animal caretaker than a plant pruner. I usually don't bring plants home since I worry for their fate but there are some that truly call to me.

Orchids are one of my favorites but I have no idea how to keep them alive in Oregon! Here are some of the beauties that I recently sighted at Trader Joe's. I am so reluctant to bring one home because I just might cry if it dies.

Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places to search for plants because they have a wide variety of beauties. Their prices are hard to beat as well! The peach colored orchid pictured above is lovely. The green and the yellow one in the picture seem to be the same variety. I think it would look really neat to have one for every color of the rainbow!

I was so tempted to get this one because it has three different varieties in a single pot, and it's only $19.99! I may just snag it next time and see how it goes.

These tiny mini orchids are just adorable. At only $5.99 I really want to try raising one! Still, I would feel irresponsible without doing some proper research since I don't trust my plant rearing instincts. If only they could make noise or something so I know when to water them and how much.

These guys are for M. They look like they are carnivorous. She said that they kind of remind her of pitcher plants. The purplish one is amazing in real life.

Hope that you all are having a gorgeous Spring!

<3 KM

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