Friday, April 29, 2016

Ms Frizzle Dresses

I was browsing on Amazon and came across a store called Cowcow selling printed dresses. I soon realized they had prints of most of my favorite things! The drawings are well done and there's none of that weird branding crap that steers me away from similar clothes.

A bunch of the prints even come in different colors. The reviews describe the fabric as light and synthetic. They appear to be great, whimsical summer dresses - I just can't decide which one I want. Most of the dresses seem to be in the $16-$20 range, which is quite reasonable. The store also sells tops, leggings, swimsuits, and other items with the same nifty prints. 

You should search Cowcow plus what ever design you can think of. They have hundreds of prints. There's normal stuff like flowers and geometrics, but they also have a ton of animal and food prints. They have bees, chickens, pandas, unicorns, cheese, sushi, macarons and so many others... If you want something gothic, just add "Halloween" to your search terms.  There is even a design featuring anal beads in the most discreet way. I'll let you find that one on your own.

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