Friday, April 22, 2016

Trump the Trump

With all of the Trump  controversy out there I thought I would be topical for once and get in on the action. Ivanka Trump has a clothing line (and strangely, a little girl's shoe line) and some of it is pretty cool.

Dress 1 and Dress 2

She has not one, but two Wednesday Addams dresses. Is Ivanka Trump a secret goth?


She has this super tripped out dress. Look at the faces in the zoom. Crazy! Someone has been taking acid.


A dress that looks like it was made from a brocade curtain in the Wild West.


And I don't know what she was thinking with this one, but a dry-clean only crop top. Who dry-cleans their crop tops?

And I will end with this meme that has been generously donated by my man.


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