Friday, May 30, 2014

Momento Mori


Maybe it's just been a cold spring, but this style of layering knits and floaty fabrics seems very appealing right now. It's a fashion from Japan called Mori Girl.  Mori means forest, and, oh man, have I been craving the forest lately. I love living in the city with all the rust and graffiti, but sometimes I just want to be alone with the trees, ya know? 

I also have a fascination with small animal skulls. I've never thought of using them in my hair, though. I had an awesome marmot skull that got lost in a move and a rabbit skull that blew off my balcony when I put it outside to dry after cleaning it. I still have a bird skull that I on the rocks near the ocean and a sun-bleached turtle shell that I found in the woods. I wonder how that turtle shell would look as a pillbox hat. 

I would really like to get some more brown clothing. I only have two things in brown and it is one of my favorite colors. Weird, huh? Brown doesn't seem to come in style that often, so it's hard to find stuff in the shades I like. Bummer. 

on etsy, but can't find it anymore

These pictures are of a darker side of Mori Girl. There is also a lot of white lace and furry things. I like how it all seems really comfortable and not form-fitting. I like clothes that have ease of movement for climbing trees and fences. These might get stuck on twigs and rusty nails, though... where is the happy medium between comfy and not billowy? 


  1. So gorgeous, the arm wraps are so so so cute! Amen to the fact that its hard to get a good mix of billowy and comfy. Maybe future materials will make it easier.

    1. Especially when it's windy! Maybe a billowy skirt with boning?