Monday, May 26, 2014

Rave! Charcoal Cleansers - Biore and Destiny Boutique

My skin is really picky. If I use something too harsh it gets all irritated but I really need a deep cleanse to minimize acne. Charcoal Cleansers works great for this because the charcoal draws out impurities from your pores and send them down the drain!

This Biore Deep Pore Chorcoal Cleanser works great to help control moderate acne. It makes my skin itch after but the itch goes away once I apply lotion. You can find just about anywhere that carries Biore which makes it easy to stock up. I bought mine at Target on sale for $6.

My first charcoal cleanser was from a natural brand called Destiny Boutique. I love it so much but it isn't available at the general store. It is also more expensive than the Biore cleanser but at $15 for 8 oz, I still consider it affordable for me. It lasts a long time! 

If I didn't have to worry about acne I would definitely prefer the Destiny Boutique cleanser because it smells better and feels better on my skin. I will probably end up alternating these two because I love them both and I definitely plan on reordering from Destiny Boutique.

<3 KM


  1. Are those hearts in your bathroom or just in the picture? I'm still in love with my black soap... sorta the same thing. No scent though...

    1. I added them with the Aviary app, nothing fancy in my bathroom yet. I loooove black soap too. The scent is addicting :).