Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My favorite shorts were only $10: 1015 store review

At first I was a little weary of buying clothes from the 1015 store because they are super cheap and that often means that they don't last or don't wash well. About 9 months ago or so I decided to order anyways because I liked the styles and I figured that it was worth a shot. I'm so glad that I did and I think I'm going to order again all because of these shorts I'm obsessing over lol.

I have these shorts in black and they are my absolute favorite.  At first I thought that I didn't like them because of the flap thing in the front but I don't even realize it when I wear them because most of my shirts cover it. They are great distance walking shorts because they are super comfortable. 

They manage to make things look dressier look and look great with blouses. I've even managed to wear them with tights and patterned leggings underneath and it ended up being nice and warm in the freezing weather I went through when visiting relatives in the Midwest this winter. I really like the length too, these hit me mid thigh when I wear them on my hips but they are still modest if I wear them on my waist. 

On the other hand I did buy 2 other items that were just okay. I also ordered like a $5 blouse and I really liked the print but it ended up having a weird shape that I couldn't get over so eventually I donated it. I also got a pair of printed pants that I loved but they didn't last as long and they ended up being a bit of a fad for me that I got over pretty quickly. That happens to me sometimes lol, but at least they weren't more expensive. 

Pros of 1015 store: 
- Very affordable. 
- Long lasting considering the price.
- Some really cute clothes.
- Lots of colorful, interesting prints.

- Items under $15 cannot be returned for cash back, but they will give you store credit. 
- Some of the cuts are weird so make sure you really observe how they fit on the models.

<3 KM

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