Friday, August 15, 2014

As Below so Above

Down below the city streets are networks of tunnels making sure flood waters recede. I do not really have a problem with closed spaces. It's more what might be lurking behind the bends in the tunnels that bothers me. And yet I love to explore such depths anyway. 

One time I was exploring a tunnel and the water started rising up over my boots. I was sure a wall of water was going to come at me from around a bend and thrash me against the steel walls of the man-made cavern. When I made it to the entrance it was only drizzling. I never set foot in a storm-drain anymore if rain is in the forecast. 

You never would think about it, but sunglasses are a good idea if you are emerging in unfamiliar locations. You never know what's lurking in the sunlight.

I am wearing an American Apparel unisex tri-blend track shirt in black, which is more like a really dark grey.  It is very soft and the cut is perfect for me: I love long t-shirts. It is one of my favorite shirts, even though it suffers a bit of tiny pilling after a year of use, and it doesn't seem that much cooler than the cotton version.
  I also have on black Levi 511 jeans that are slightly too big... ah, the evil of clothes that are 75% off. They offer nice ease of movement without being too bulky.

 Both these garments make me happy that unisex clothes exist. Even if the Levis aren't billed as gender neutral, I think they qualify.  

 photos by MM 

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