Friday, August 1, 2014


I love thunderstorms. They make me feel like my battery is recharging. I feel all warm and tingly when I see a jagged flash of light and hear the crash of thunder seconds behind. So, of course I love lighting in fashion. There are surprisingly few instances of lightning print clothing, so I will show you my favorites. 

I have wanted a lightning bolt t-shirt ever since I saw Jesse's in Breaking Bad.

But, unfortunately, this shirt is no longer for sale anywhere I can find. And nothing I have found matches its epic cool factor. 

Lightning Pattern Sound Activated Light LED Equalizer T-Shirt on Amazon

This shirt seems pretty awesome. I wish the LED was a little larger. And would I remember to take it off before I washed it? Would the batteries be a pain? Anyone ever worn clothing with batteries in it before?

Lightning Print Leggings
I saw these tights in a booth in a street-faire in the Netherlands. I almost got them, but the purple is just so bright. I really wish I could find a pair in black.
Kids Lightning T-rex
A dino and lightning? Could it be any more epic? I always get jealous of little boy clothes. They should make all little boy clothes in grown-up women's sizes. Seriously. I am always jealous whenever I go into a clothing store that carries stuff for little boys. Not just the t-shirts, they also get the coolest light-up shoes and many-pocket pants.

I just found these as inspiration for your lightning dress projects. I have no idea if they are even made anymore.

I am very happy there have been plenty of thunderstorms this summer. I am hoping for lots of thunder-snow this winter!


  1. OMG Mr. Fern loves Breaking Bad and watched it diligently until the finale - I had a hard time watching it because it made me too sad. Same with Walking Dead lol. These would so suit you. I especially <3 the kaftan! I've never bought led shirts before, but the boys tried to get me to. Maybe for Halloween so I can see them more easily!

    1. You gotta tell me how the LEDs work out if you get them. I stopped watching Walking Dead in the middle of the second season. I thought it was pretty cool before.... then it got too repetitive for me. I guess the main thing I like was the creative zombie makeups. The well one was the best!

  2. i am also searching for Pinkmans lightning bolt t-shirt success.
    All i know is, that peter baltes from accept (yeah), also wear this shirt.

    1. If you ever find it you gotta tell me! I was beginning to think it was just made for the show. If that guy has it, too, then it must be out there somewhere! Rock on.

    2. I have one but I've had it for years since before breaking bad. Everyone tells me how awesome it is. Had no idea it was in the show til someone told me. Best of luck!

  3. I've never gotten around to making a bloglovin. I'm sure this blog's coauthor KMFern will, though, if she hasn't already.

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