Monday, August 4, 2014

Random Things You Can't Eat when you quit sugar

Last week I finally learned about Sarah Wilson's blog and about her I Quit Sugar Cookbook and I Quit Sugar for Life book. I don't follow everything she says, mostly because I eat lots of fresh fruits since I eat mostly vegetarian and I believe in eating lots of them since they are healing whole foods. I also eat small amounts of raw local honey, maple syrup, agave and maltose here and there but not everyday. Still yet, giving up sugar and drinking more water and tea has been a godsend.

These are all no-no's if you quit sugar!
Since I first quit sugar I have been reading the labels on absolutely everything in my kitchen. Here are some random things that I've had to give up which I didn't really think I had to:
  • garlic salt (now I've been using truffle salt and a homemade garlic salt blend)
  • seasoning salt
  • ranch dressing
  • most other types of dressings 
  • most non dairy milks (soy, almond, oat, hemp... but there are some unsweetened!)
  • most canned fruits
  • canned soup
  • spaghetti sauce
  • SPAM (my kids love spam musubi)
  • bacon (some are okay but most have sugar)
  • relish
  • ketchup (I knew I'd have to give but it's kind of hard)
  • BBQ sauce
  • most cereals natural and regular
  • most types of yogurt (best to get plain)
  • most nut butters
  • dried fruit (oftentimes they add sugar even though its already full of fructose)
  • most salsas
  • vitamins and supplements
Thank goodness Tabasco is sugar free, otherwise I might be a bit grumpy lol. There are often sugar free alternatives as well but it does take some searching and planning.

I have been  been working on cutting down my personal sugar in take for a few months now by switching to xylitol and stevia, but I didn't realize how easily sugar creeps into my diet in other ways. Sugar is hiding in everything! Processed, pre-made, restaurant and fast foods are full of it - even things that aren't really sweet. It's in just about every condiment. Between that and actual sugary food the sugar in my diet was really adding up and it was completely unnecessary.

Another great thing about quitting sugar is that it forces you to prepare your own healthier food. I have been making the very best kale, cucumber, tomato and goat cheese salad. It is so good that I feel like I am treating myself but I know it's good for me and full of vitamins, water, and protein.

I am not totally strict as I occasionally have a treat day. I had a Voodoo doughnut a few days ago and it was seriously good. I think this whole experiment has made me appreciate my sweets more. It also made me realize how much processed food I don't need which actually saves money in the long run. The only thing I really miss at the moment is chocolate chips. I need to go buy some of the alternatively sweetened ones from the health food store stat lol.

<3 KM

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