Monday, August 11, 2014

H&M Trend: Red Pinstripes

Red and white pinstripes all around! Pinstripes are boss but it's somewhat rare to find them in colors other than black or blue. I was so happy to find 3 different red pinstripe pieces on my last trip. Super stoked although I ended up buying polka dots instead lol. 

If you love pinstripes but want to avoid looking like a referee this could help. 
This one's stripes are so thin it almost looks pink but it is really red.
Wrap Dress!

I also found some other red pinstripe stuff  lately:

Jack Purcell Salt Wash Stripes
Red pinstripe Converse!

Jack Purcell Salt Wash Stripes (clipped to
Nantucket Red Pinstripe Tote
Faded fabric tote "handmade from recycled sail material."

Nantucket Red Pinstripe Tote (clipped to

Unfortunately I feel like bright red is not my color or I would scoop the tank blouse up. I'm pale but I have a warm skin tone so I think reds are that too cool look weird on me but who knows? I'm hoping to see neon or color shift pinstripes in the future, I think that would be extra awesome. 

<3 KM

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