Friday, October 3, 2014

Pink Mimi

My grandmother, who I call Mimi, knit this sweater for my mom. My mom never wore it because she hates pink, and I did too, until recently. I've made peace with pink. And check out the awesome bell sleeves on this sweater - I love them!

The shorts used to be jeans, but my butt broke them. Seriously. I sat down one day and I got a big rip right under my butt. I was very happy I was wearing long-johns that day. I'm not sure if they failed there because my butt got too big or because of the wear and tear that happened in that area because I like to sit on the ground. I tried to sew them up, but my butt wanted to be free and continued tearing the denim. They are now my shortest shorts and I only wear them out of the house on brave days. 

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