Friday, October 10, 2014


I love spiders. I think they are really cool creatures. Did you know that they use hydraulics to move their legs? Anyway, I know a lot of people are fearful of spiders for a variety of reasons, but it always makes me sad when I hear of people smushing these little guys. You probably won't be reading this post if you're arachnophobic, so here is a good website to clear up myths for people who think they are rationally afraid of spiders:
                Spider Myths

I used to take these little yellow spiders outside all the time. Then one of my little spider friends died waiting for me to let it back in. I was so sad. Now I let them live inside. I think they might be poisonous yellow sac spiders, but I haven't gotten bit yet!

my poor deceased spider friend waiting to come back in

Spiders seem to be a popular Halloween decoration this year. Maybe they are every year and I just haven't noticed. I mean there's always the fake cobwebs, but the giant spiders seem to be a trend!

Here is some cool spider inspired clothing:

Imagine something like this on the top and this nifty skirt below on the bottom. You could be a spider princess of Halloween.

And here is a nifty hairpiece to go with the pretty spider dress.

Or you could go crazy and shave your head into a spiderweb. 

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