Monday, October 27, 2014

Prepare for winter with shearling from head to toe!

There is something so warm and cozy about shearling. Sometimes I feel a bit bad for wearing leather or animal skins, but I have started wearing leather boots and rabbit fur again. Shearling is actually lamb's skin which still has the fur attached. Kind of freaky but so beautiful and so warm.

Natural products are often more durable, warmer and more comfortable. Personally, I am more likely to use leather items for a much longer period of time so I figure it is actually better for the environment in the long run. Synthetics break down rather quickly which leads to me not wearing them and looking for an alternative which creates more waste and potential destruction of habitats through production fumes and landfill waste. I use my leather boots and handbags for years, but in the past I have disposed of quite a few synthetic purses and shoes while trying to avoid leather. So now my philosophy is to buy high quality, even if it is an animal product, and use it well.

Here are some of the shearling finds I have been dreaming of:

Shearling and floral

This jacket seems like it would make you feel like a princess. It's a bit frou-frou but still fitted and modern enough that it's not frumpy. Love the color but it would definitely need to be cleaned carefully to avoid spots. The boots and shoes are so versatile and can be worn just about anywhere. The earmuffs are the only item that I can actually afford without creating some serious credit damage haha. Love the port wine color!

Pink Shearling

The dusty pink boots in this collection are my favorite shearling find so far! The color is just perfect, the slightly metallic sheen is very unique. The coat, clutch and scarf are a bit excessive but overall awesome. I would be such an eccentric rich person because I would probably wear all of these pieces together one day, just because lol. I love the Jimmy Choo hat but I would worry about it getting stolen since the name is so large.

The Fuzziest
The Fuzziest by kmfern featuring Gucci

This set is just the funnest and the fuzziest. The sunflower yellow scarf is so happy and the extra fuzzy coat and bag are so friendly looking. If you wear this coat I bet everyone would want to touch and/or hug you :P. The fuzzy Birkenstocks are so quirky and adorable but if you need more serious footwear the Tory Burch boots are for you. Love the quilted pattern on the shearling!

Are you ready for winter? This year is my first actual winter in a very long time and so far I am actually enjoying wearing boots and coats, bring it on!

<3 KM

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