Friday, May 13, 2016

Easy Strawberry Brunch Ideas

It is strawberry season! Time to go picking or head to the store to grab some of nature's most delectable treats. Strawberries make an excellent snack on their own and everyone knows they are great in desserts. This post, however, is dedicated to meals. I have yet to perfect my strawberry rhubarb crumble.

Strawberry Avocado Goat-Cheese Sandwich 

Smash an avocado and spread on a piece of toasted sour dough bread.

Spread a little goat cheese on the other half, place sliced strawberries in the middle, and the other piece of bread.

Grill in butter until golden-brown.
Eat hot.

Strawberry Poppy-Seed Bagel

Toast a plain or poppy seed bagel (never enough poppy seeds - am I right?)

Spread on some cream cheese and sprinkle on (more) poppy seeds, pressing them in slightly so they won't fall everywhere when you shove it in your mouth.

Arrange sliced strawberries on top.

 Strawberry Spinach Salad

Slice some strawberries and put on top of some baby spinach.

Blend a dressing of strawberries, stone ground mustard, poppy seeds (optional), and balsamic vinegar.

 Strawberry-Shortcake Pancakes

Make pancakes as you normally would.

Whip some heavy cream with a little vanilla extract. You can add some sugar, but it is not necessary.

Top with sliced strawberries. 
If you want a more "strawberry shortcake" feel, put some sugar over the sliced strawberries and let them sit a while. The strawberries will soften and a lovely red syrup will form.

I thought everyone should know that while writing this I made the typo of "stabberies" multiple times. I thought is was hilarious. They leak red juice!

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