Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Seattle Finds - Magic Mouse Toys and more

Many Portlanders seem to have a hate/love relationship with Seattle. Some think it's the worst place ever while others like just about everything about it, other than the traffic. Before this weekend I didn't have a chance to explore the city much but now I must admit it's pretty awesome! Here are some of the cool stores we discovered while wandering around Seattle.
This is a picture of the window display at Revolution Books. I wasn't quite ready to venture inside but overall it is certainly an interesting place. Glad it exists! Bookstores are the best. It's a different experience than Powells. Good place to go if you're looking to become an activist.
Magic Mouse Toys is a two story toy store full of awesomeness. We spent quite a bit of time in here exploring all of the goodies inside. Of all the things we could have gotten my boys settled on fart bombs. Note to self: never, ever set one off in an apartment. We had to evacuate for a few hours :P.
Here we have Shotgun Ceremonies wedding chapel. Now you no longer need to drive to Vegas for a quickie marriage! Best of all there are plenty of fun dives within walking distance for the reception party.
This lovely iridescent dragon currently lives in the Children's room of the Seattle library's central branch. The library is beautiful outside and in.
Out of all the cool pictures I could have taken at Pike's Place Market this is the only one that I have. The market was insanely crowded. We managed to get a good meal in while weaving through the crowds but I certainly recommend coming here on a weekday rather than the weekend. It was unfathomably crowded. I feel like it was worse than Disneyland due to the small aisles. Still yet, this market is amazing. I'll have to do a whole post on Pike's next time I go.

We also went down to the wharf to meet up with family and had some amazing clam chowder. I got the New Jersey style, which is red and white mixed together. I could basically live off of that stuff. That alone was totally worth the drive. 

Happy travels!

<3 KM

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