Friday, May 27, 2016

Joe Boxer's Awesome Prints

Joe Boxer always has super cool prints featuring skulls, eyeballs, dinosaurs, and plenty more of my favorite things. The quality is not bad for box store stuff, too. I've had a pair of their sleep pants for over 5 years and they have yet to develop any holes, which is great because they are inexpensive. The best patterns are always in the little boy's section, unfortunately. They totally need to make grownup stuff with the cool little boy designs. Who can deny a print featuring pizza and flying saucers?

Joe Boxer is only sold at K-Mart and Sears. The problem with that is that both of their websites suck. The sites are not fun to navigate and say things are in stock when they are not. The K-Mart near me closed, so I have little choice but to go online. I was super disappointed that I couldn't buy my favorite designs.

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