Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kawaii Toys for Your Inner Kid

Today's toys are freaking adorable. Now that it's cool for boys to play with girl toys and vice verse there is a whole new world of possibilities. Thankfully I have kids to spoil so I have an excuse to pick up some of these haha.
I want Num Noms so bad that it's stupid. They even smell like ice cream. So adorable!

Just in case you want to see more Num Noms check out this challenge. Apparently Num Noms also come in blind packs that have lipgloss bases instead of moving ones. So cool!
Here's a whole herd of tiny ponies which can be carried around discretely. Multiple unicorns included!!! They would make amazing ornaments. 
This Hello Kitty food truck comes with all sorts of tiny foods. So kawaii! Reminds me of an Americanized re-ment set.
Gotta love Tsum Tsums!!
Looks like he forgot to peel the banana before he ate it.
A board game about squirrels? I think this one is a must for my family. 
Apparently there are two types of Bananagrams now, awesome!
My kids really want this game although I'm not so excited about this one lol. So hipster though. 
That Lego Kylo Ren looks totally unreal.
Candy bubbles 2.0, complete with strange Grimus doppelgänger. The Air hogs droid is just amazing. It's tiny!
This RC car contains a habitat for bugs. After you catch them you can race them around. Not sure is this is cruel or awesome. Pretty sure there aren't any seat belts. Even if there were how would you buckle a bug? 

<3 KM

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