Friday, August 16, 2013

Of Woods and Amulets

"I've given my life to the forest
Sweet creatures, take me in your arms" -Corpus Delicti
I find the tradition of Apotropaic magic appealing. I only have a couple of necklaces that I wear that aren't protection amulets. The one I am wearing here has St Christopher on one side and Our Lady of the Highway on the other. It was my father's when he was young and had not yet become an atheist. I have never been Catholic, in case you are wondering. It is supposed to give you safe travels and passage. I think it probably helped me not succumb to a twisted ankle or a falling branch. Nah, I'm not that superstitious, but every little bit helps, right?
These are Betsey Johnson sunglasses. They have a little gold-rim inside of the frame. I've never seen anything like them... I better not lose them. 

I've always wanted a Betsey Johnson dress, but could never justify spending that amount of mulah. So when I found these sunglasses for the same price as a drugstore pair all I could say was "awesome!"
The shirt is Eddie Bauer. They say it's for layering, but I say screw that - it looks great on it's own.

The pants (they roll up into capris) are Mudd. It's funny because they are almost exactly like a pair a of Rampage cargoes that I have in pink. So I looked up Mudd and it turns out that both companies are owned by the same parent group: Iconix. Weird, huh? Uh oh... I also found out that I have aged out of the demographic for both brands. Oh well, so much for being a pretend grown-up. It's not my fault that they don't make sexy cargoes for adult women.

The shoes are not mine, so I have no idea... 


  1. <3 this post, and the moss and the baby deer!! I am a fan of amulets, rosaries, stones and crystals too. They lift my mood and even if that's all they do it's worth it! If they make cargos like these for women in their mid `20s they would def be much more $$ and these are great because they fit you so well. Those sunglasses are adorable!

    1. Thanks KM! I think the deer was full grown, but if it was I don't know why it had so much white. I think it was someone's pet. It was so friendly. It just kept following me, so I had to hop the fence and feed it some grass that was just out of its reach.